Question of the Week October 21st, 2019

Tell me your feelings on the new Bethesda announcement of paid subscription for single player Fallout 76

It has been a turbulent week. People are not happy about where the Bethesda train is heading. Here’s what’s going on: despite Fallout 76 being released some time ago, Bethesda has released Fallout 1st, a subscription based, single player adventure that allows the player perks and exclusive content. This might not have been an issue, if it weren’t a repackaged Fallout 76. For $13.00 per month, players can be beat up by other players and get all their stuff stolen. No, we’re not joking. It’s become so tense that players in Fallout 76 with an indicator that they’ve subscribed to Fallout 1st are being attacked by in-game mobs of angry players. We asked the community what their responses were to this whole debacle (specifically Bethesda’s decision).

Answers from the community:

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” Is the only thought I have one this. They keep whipping this dead horse but it isn’t going anywhere.”

“I’m not surprised that it was so bad. I didn’t think that they would ask such a premium price for almost nothing. That both feature are bugged gives a real Bethesda experience ^_^’ ;_;.”

“As far as Bethesda goes, I am just impressed with how quickly and how enthusiastically they have tanked their reputation. If Bethesda was the Titanic after hitting the iceberg, then at this point Fallout 76 is the enterprising passenger that has decided to loot all the first class rooms before heading to the lifeboats.”

“The fallout thing is overpriced. I’d pay $20/year, they can keep the bottle caps, and the stash being broken is all kinds of bad. Who did the QA on it?”
-Jim Partin

“dgaf. Don’t like a product? Don’t buy it. Ehz pehz.”

“Bethesda seem determined to suffocate any faith people have left in them as developers. Fallout 76 is now more of a cautionary tale than a game, and Bethesda’s not interested in learning from that tale if there’s still money to be made.”

“I love(d) Fallout but I haven’t paid attention to it since Fallout 4. They abandoned the spirit of the game. So at this point it’s like hearing a 3rd hand account about how an ex from 10 years ago still can’t get her shit together.”

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